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Helping transform how people survive cancer

InCaveo transforms complex at-home medical therapy and virtualizes clinical trials.

Treating and researching cancer and other complex diseases with at-home therapy is harder than it should be

Patients find intricate treatment protocols hard to follow

Remote health care teams struggle to manage patient side effects

Oncologists can't closely monitor patients' use of medication

Pharmaceutical companies struggle to collect and manage clinical trial and post-market surveillance data

​Revolutionizing the research and treatment of cancer and complex diseases. InCaveo is introducing a mobile medication monitoring platform that provides a better way for patients and doctors to manage complex at-home therapies for cancer, as well as pharmaceutical companies to virtualize clinical trials. 


The InCaveo Difference

A reliable mobile treatment companion, a solution that easily fits into the existing eco-system, and a highly accurate, deep and powerful data platform makes the InCaveo difference.

Why Us

Intelligent Mobile Monitoring and Communication
Protocol adherence and improved collaboration

InCaveo leverages mobile phones for remote, non-intrusive monitoring of medication use. The mobile InCaveo experience provides patients with real-time coaching and positive feedback on their prescription protocol, simultaneously delivering  health care teams validated data on patients' compliance with complex medication regimens.

Optical Scanning of Ordinary Packaging
Prescription management and use of existing supply chains 

To assure the patient is taking the right medication at the right time, the InCaveo mobile experience optically scans ordinary pharmaceutical packaging for treatment verification. By working with off-the-shelf packaging, InCaveo fits right into existing distribution systems allowing for rapid adoption.

Hi-fidelity Data Collection and Powerful Analytics
Better treatment decisions, lower costs and improved outcomes 

The InCaveo platform data collection methods ensure the fidelity of the information. Patients, healthcare providers, pharmaceutical companies and insurance payors alike benefit from the securely gathered intelligence and powerful analytics that lead to effective therapeutic treatment, cost savings and better patient results.

Specialized Virtual Clinical Trial Collection
Increase treatment safety, success and revenue through virtualization

InCaveo delivers a scalable tool for virtualized clinical data collection for Phase I to IV trials. Superior to journals and MEMs, the InCaveo platform offers virtual data collection with unlimited scaling at a fixed cost.


A platform for delivering better outcomes to all stakeholders: Patients,  Physicians, Pharma and Payors

InCaveo creates a valuable feedback loop for better results.

Patients receive real-time guidance for taking medications. Compliance and side effect data is automatically collected and reported for better engagement with their treatment and medical team.

Physicians receive data on patient side effects and compliance right in their EMR. They can easily make adjustments to radically improve patient outcomes. 

Pharmaceutical companies can virtualize data collection for clinical trials and monitor post-commercial releases. This information can be used to improve treatment safety and success.

Payors can access a new source of valuable compliance and efficacy data to improve formulary decision making and lower patient health care cost while achieving better treatment outcomes. 

How We Help
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Real People. Real Success.

Quotes from InCaveo Pilot

Patient Pilot
Patient Judy, Age 68

Makes things so much simpler; I don’t have to calculate or track when to take my medications. This is way better than anything I’ve used  for taking mediation.


InCaveo not only allows me to be more efficient, but the data lets me make better clinical decisions, and take better care of the patients. That's a win-win.

Pharma Executive

There's a universality to your approach. I see how your system with your overlay of data, scales easily and speeds up our drug development times.



The InCaveo Team

Uniquely Qualified for the Mission

Chief Executive Officer
Andrew Cohen, Ph.D. 
C-level roles at multiple startups including Kanisa, Kana and Amira; Founding CEO of PowWow Mobile and lead Scientist, IBM Research
Chief Medical Officer
Hoyman Minx Hong, M.D.
Founding Medical Director of the Center for Pain Management, St. Francis Hospital 
Our Team
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Investors & Partners

InCaveo’s first angel round has been funded by leading early-stage health care investors. 


The InCaveo advisory team has a broad background in both health care and the pharmaceutical industry.  Augmenting the founding team is a diverse panel of experts that are actively involved in defining and supporting the InCaveo mission. 

Brian Nilstoft, MBA

Executive Director of Packaging and Labeling, Gilead Sciences

Brad Ekstrand, M.D., Ph.D.

Cancer Biologist and Oncologist, University of California - San Francisco

Israel Rosales, Ph.D.

Psychologist and CBT specialist in treating cancer and pain

Michael A. Daniel, MS, MBA

FDA and EU regulatory affairs and clinical trial consultant

Rajan Patel, MS

CEO of iO Life Science and managing partner of iO Ventures

Sammy Datwani, Ph.D.

VP of Development, Synthego Corp. Serves on Life Science Angels Board and the boards of several other life science start-ups

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